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March 13, 2010


Love begets love.

Sherryl will be forever in my heart and I will miss her dearly. She has touched many people and she will never ever be forgotten for she was truly a wonderful person .....

Sherryl Will always be with me. She is one of those people who are rare in this world....she touches everyone she meets with her amazing smile, love of life and nourishing ways. Thank you for imprinting our hearts forever. I love you.

NO ONE can EVER replace RARA!!! We love you! "You will be missed" is an understatment!!! Nothing else needs to be said!

We will always remember Sherryl - we shared very happy times - we will miss you!
Arlene, Nadine - never was a sister so well loved as she has been in the last few years - my thoughts are with you and your family.

Love begets Love. Sherryl was an angel. We will miss the lady who loved our daughter so much and had such a positive effect on her younger years. Words cannot decribe the debt of gratitude we owe or the love we had for Sherryl. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Hannah family at the moment, but we choose to remember Sherryl just by looking at how loving our daughter is because of Sherryls influence. Godspeed RaRa, we miss you so much.

I saw RaRa yesterday in her final state of rest, she looked relaxed, worry-free, pain-free, cancer-free, just peaceful.

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