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January 29, 2010


I just wanted to say that I can not imagine how hard it was for you to close your doors to the daycare. When I heard that you were doing it all this flood of emotions came through me and the biggest emotion was laughter. I don't think I laughed more in one place as I did at daycare. I want everyone to know that I loved working with you and that the 5 years I worked with you fulltime and years to follow pt were probally the most pleasant years of my life. Not only have we been friends since I was 12 ,you have been my confidant ,sister and you never treated me as a employee but as a partner. We have been through so much together good ,bad ,really bad and really good and I love you and it will be weird not to have you down the street from me .( And to boot I can't say "you don't want to go to that daycare don there we are better hehehe JK)You are so specail and all the children that will miss out on having you in thier lives are truly the misfortunate. You have touched the lives of so many children with your support,laughter,creativity and most of all love that it will be treasured forever.I can go on forever and tell so many stories but that would take many many pages so I am just going to end this by saying that though daycare is closed it will be open forever in everyones heart and your smile will be treasured in all those little faces you have touched through these 24 years . This may be an end to something wonderful but a start of something new as well and with you ambition and love we know you will be in childrens lives forever! I love you Sherryl !

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