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May 06, 2007


I loved the message about Uncle Bruce and Auntie Annie. I don't remember any of the stuff with Uncle Bruce, but I do remember the decorated room. You are so lucky to have had two people that loved you. Keep those happy thoughts. xoxo Jeanette Hope to come and visit you soon. Great job Arleen on all the work on the website. You too Nadine..Life is so busy and what a great way to let Sherryl know we are continuing to pray for her and support her in this time of her life.

Thank you for all the updates. I do so appreciate them..Hang in there Sherryl. I love the dreams. It is just showing how you can achieve many things. I know you probably feel like your on a rollercoaster with all the ups and downs. I know I have no idea what your going through and all I can do is pray for you daily, so that is what I am doing. Keep your chin up.
Love ya!

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