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Welcome and thank you!

We appreciate your love and support and thank you for visiting Sherryl's website. The purpose of this site is to provide Sherryl's family and friends updates on her health.

Sherryl has experienced back pain for several months. After increased severity for two weeks, she went to her doctor on January 29 and an MRI was ordered for January 31. A suspicious malignancy appeared on the test, and, after undergoing a breast biopsy on February 2, doctors confirmed on February 5 that the primary cancer is breast. A tumor in her spine, which caused her back pain, is a metastasis from the primary cancer site.

We will include in our updates anecdotal stories about Sherryl as we journey through this experience together. The first one we'll share is an interaction that took place when she was waiting for one of her test results. The medical office staff kindly offered her a cup of tea and she accepted. When asked what she takes in her tea, Sherryl replied, "Brandy."

Some of you may be wondering how the name RaRa has worked its way into the mix. Most know that Sherryl has been a day care provider for infants and pre-schoolers for over 20 years. Consider a little one learning how to speak and wanting to say the name Sherryl. Not an easy feat for a little mouth.

Over the years, her name has had many iterations. It all began when we had a hard time pronouncing our sister's name. One of us (OK, we'll name names, it was Nadine) called her something that sounded like "Shovel" for a few years. And, Rare-al and Sha-Sha were nicknames from Annie's generation.

Knowing the challenge little ones faced, Sherryl made a concerted effort to get one group of kids to call her "Oh Honorable Day Care Provider," and trained them to bow as they said it. But, as we know, kids grow up and graduate from day care. The name that has stuck is simple and most can say it, RaRa. There is currently a running joke at day care called "," so that phrase has been included as well.

Whether you call her Sherryl or another nickname, we're very glad you're here. Thank you all for loving our sister as much as we do!

Arleen and Nadine


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