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September 24, 2007


It would be great to see the photos from the St Isabella Fundraiser from back in April. That fundraiser made almost $8,000 for Sher!! Fr Keane who sadly passed away Aug 13 said it was probably the most meaningful event he hosted and attended at St Isabella while he was Pastor during his 18 years!

Pictures from the fundraiser? What a great idea! I'd love to see pictures from such a great event! I didn't know anything about it until after we got back from a wedding we attended in New York. I know our family would have loved to be a part of it, so if there are any pictures out there, let's see them! Fr Keane was a wonderful Pastor and I'm sure he's proud of being a part of such a worthy cause. It's amazing to have such a wonderful, giving church as part of your community. When we give selflessly, it's such a rewarding experience.

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